Domestic Guide – How To Maintain Clay Pavers

How To Maintain Clay Pavers At Home

Advantages Of Using Clay Pavers At Home

Generally, clay paving requires no or minimal maintenance when laid as recommended in the guides found on our home page. One of the advantages of clay paving is its ability to resist weathering from everyday use in driveways, paths and patio areas. Unlike the alternative materials, such as many concrete or natural stone products, clay resists the possibility of stains becoming ingrained into the surface, and general grime can be removed by simple soap solutions/de-greasers followed by rinsing down with clean water.

Natural Joint Sealing Process

It is important to ensure the sanded joints of newly laid areas remain completely full and to avoid jet washing the paving directly, for example whilst washing the car, for at least 6-8 weeks. This will allow general dirt and dust to naturally seal the sand in the joints. Any joints void of sand should be topped up with fine dried silica sand available from builders merchants.

Maintaining The Appearance Of Pavers At Home

To maintain the pristine appearance of your newly installed clay paving, particularly in areas underneath overhanging trees and sheltered corners, it may be necessary to sweep these areas more regularly to prevent the accumulation of dirt/dead leaves etc., which is good housekeeping for any hard landscaped areas.

​Removing Stubborn Stains From Clay Pavers

Stubborn stains/detritus and algae can be removed by the application of a product called Sapphire available from Agrigem. Sapphire’s continued use will inhibit the further growth of algae and is safe for plants. The treated area can then be rinsed down with clean water or jet washed if stains are persistent but please ensure any jointing sand removed by this process is replaced as detailed above. This will return the paved area to ‘as new’ appearance.

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