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Beige and Buff Paving Blocks draw light into a garden space as well as adding a touch of warmth. Often paired with white or cream walls and paving, they temper the brightness with a mellowness that maintains an airy feel. Pavers offer a large range of sizes and textures to suit different situations. Choose from pavers with a smooth finish, consistent colour and narrow format for a modern aesthetic, or a mixture of tones and tumbled corners that blends beautifully with period properties. Whichever you choose, the buff and beige paving will increase the sense of space, brighten dark areas and maintain its fresh appearance long into the future. Clay paving is stain-resistant, as well as very easy to clean should there be a spillage, so you can be confident that this light-coloured paving won’t lose its looks.

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Clay pavers are made from natural clay and sands and contain no artificial colours or pigments. The result is a warm colour and natural beauty that will not fade over time.