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Grey is one of the most popular colours for hard landscaping, and grey brick pavers increase its design possibilities well beyond those offered by stone and porcelain paving. Introducing gentle tones that blend into modern and traditional settings, they add texture that creates a more relaxed aesthetic. Choose from aged, tumbled profiles or crisp outlines that offer strong support to linear designs. Blue paving bricks possess a subtle injection of this unusual colour. Subtlety doesn’t stop them from being striking, however, and by choosing these you make a real design statement that lasts. This is because the colour occurs naturally through the choice of raw materials and is baked in during the manufacturing process. Blue is a favourite colour for concrete block paving but, unlike clay, concrete is dyed and the blue colour you’ve carefully chosen will fade after only a few years. With clay pavers you create a long-lasting asset to your property.

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Clay pavers are made from natural clay and sands and contain no artificial colours or pigments. The result is a warm colour and natural beauty that will not fade over time.