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When you are looking for paving to complement traditional properties, red brick paving is often the place to start. But don’t pass over this category thinking that’s all these colours have to offer. Red brick paving is available across our ranges. You’ll find modern styling with smooth edges and narrow formats that make these colours an option in so many different settings. Brown and red pavers add warmth to hard landscaping and come in an exhaustive range of tones to match surrounding architecture, modern and traditional. Although pavers are usually laid with sanded joints, it’s worth considering cement jointing with these shades for the resulting strong brick outline and colour contrast that make a particular feature of laying patterns. Whatever laying method chosen, your brown or red brick paving will look immediately at home.

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Clay pavers are made from natural clay and sands and contain no artificial colours or pigments. The result is a warm colour and natural beauty that will not fade over time.