Chelmer Valley Pledge

Helping Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

As a company with a direct connection to the world’s resources, we are aware of our duty to act responsibly and reduce waste and consumption, both in our work environment and as individuals. This has resulted in us reviewing everything we do on a regular basis. Positive changes we have made include investing in electric vehicles where possible. 90% of our forklift trucks are electric and we have added EV charging points for staff and customers. We also run a modern fuel-efficient delivery fleet and recycle all timber waste from our operations. To help our progress, the principles of Lean Management, a system that aims to reduce waste and increase efficiency, have been implemented across the company. Perhaps most significantly, we also analyse the carbon footprint of every product across our ranges. Not only does this allow us to make decisions about the products we stock, based on their environmental impact, but it means that you, our customer, can make informed choices on the environmental performance of the products for your project.

Professionals' Perspective

We all have a responsibility to protect our beautiful natural world. At Chelmer Valley we take this responsibility seriously and consider the environmental impact of our products and operation at every stage. By engaging our entire team and continually evaluating our processes, we aim to improve our environmental performance year on year and make what is already a low impact paving solution, the most ecologically sound choice available.

Gavin Walley, Chelmer Valley Director
Gavin Walley