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The Delta Collection of Clay Block Paving combines a smooth texture with earthy colours. While predominantly contemporary in appearance, their rich tones mean they can work equally well in more traditional garden designs. The sleek appearance combines with chamfered edges to give these bricks their own distinct character so that when laid, the chamfer creates a shadow that emphasises the edges. The 200/100/45mm size is close to the traditional brick shape and, with their neat appearance, this makes them popular as driveway pavers where the defined edges make a particular feature of the laying pattern adding interest to large expanses of paving. Our Delta Collection has all the advantages you would expect of clay pavers: fade-resistance, stain-resistance and a high slip-rating. Suitable for patios, paths, steps and driveways, all the products in the Delta range can also be ordered at commercial grade thickness that is suitable for heavy vehicular use.

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