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The Artisan Range of Paving Bricks has a substantially different profile from our other ranges. In a longer format of 292/71/52mm (length x width x depth), the extra length of these paving bricks creates a dynamism in laying patterns, especially herringbone, that combines a modern feel with a refined character. The extra movement created by the length works particularly well in adding interest to large areas. Manufactured in Europe to the highest standards, our Clay Pavers are also available for larger schemes in a 292/52/71mm format, presenting a slimmer face for a different, slightly busier effect. Sharp cut edges add a crisp outline that complements the contemporary, linear design. Suitable for patios, paths, steps and driveways, these are recommended for any traffic apart from heavy lorries and offer all the long-lasting, frost- and stain-resistant qualities you expect of authentic clay paving bricks. Buy our Clay Pavers UK online, for next day delivery.

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