Benefits of clay

Why Choose Clay Pavers?

Clay pavers don’t just offer great choice of colour and texture. Their manufacturing methods, longevity and recyclability make them a truly sustainable paving, and, laid with the correct installation method for a driveway, they are totally SUDS-compliant. In this section, you’ll find technical information on laying and cleaning. We also show you the environmental advantages of using brick pavers and why this traditional paving material has all the credentials that are desirable in our modern world.

The big debate
Clay vs. Concrete

We've compiled some vital statistics to help inform you in the great clay vs. concrete debate. It's easy to see why clay is the hands down winner.

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Long Lifespan Because the colour of Clay Pavers comes from natural clay, sand and water, the colour will not fade for over 100 years.


Made from Natural Materials Made completely from natural materials with no pigments, artificial colours, allergens, noxious or toxic substances.


Long Term Durability Standing the long term test of time, Clay has been used as a paving material as far back as 4500 BC.