Why clay

Why Clay Beats Concrete

Choosing paving materials, especially for driveways, is an important decision. When it comes to driveways, two of the most popular materials are Clay and Concrete. Either will do the job but there are some distinct benefits that Clay has over concrete. So, in our opinion, there is only one winner in the great Clay v Concrete debate.

Clay is more Environmentally friendly
Sustainable Clay

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

Naturally replenishing and extracted from local sources, Clay Paving is manufactured from natural clays, sands and water and contains no toxin, allergenic or noxious substances. Unlike concrete that is mixed aggregates - combined cement, sand and stone and then allowed to dry. Clay pavers are made from the same naturally occurring material as many household items such as plates, cups and plant-pots. Clay is fired in kilns at high temperatures to create durable long lasting products.

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Clay is more Environmentally friendly
Colour of pavers will not fade
Rich in Colour

Extensive range of colours that don’t fade

Clay pavers are made from natural clay and sands and contain no artificial colours or pigments. The firing process of Clay pavers at high temperatures in a kiln keeps their colours fresh and lively over the period of their lives and ensures they are not affected by UV light that fades concrete paving.

The result is a warm colour and natural beauty that will not fade over time. As Concrete Pavers fade and deteriorate, the technical superiority of Clay shines through, outperforming concrete in every way adding long term financial value to your property.

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Clay performs better for natural slip resistance
Naturally non slip

A technically superior paving material

The excellent anti slip properties of clay pavers offer a huge benefit over concrete for use in high traffic areas along with the strength, frost resistance and low porosity of Clay guarantees low maintenance and long term performance ensuring a lifetime value that exceeds all other paving materials.

Versatility in design and application, a long lasting, stylish and extensive range of colours combined with superior technical characteristics make Clay the perfect paving material for patios and paths, residential driveways and stylish garden walls. Discover the benefits of designing and building gardens with this sustainable material.

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Clay performs better for natural slip resistance
Superior characteristics

Technical Properties

An initial investment in Clay is slightly more than some of the cheaper types of block paving but over the lifetime of a patio or driveway, clay offers superior value for money. It’s also important to understand that whether you choose clay or concrete, the installation cost will be the same, meaning that clay is a much more worthwhile long term investment. We continue to expand our options with new products, new styles, and new colours, and have selections suitable for all circumstance and applications.



The surface of concrete will deteriorate more quickly than clay. Concrete pavers are porous and easily absorb oils & dirt.



Clay offers better lifetime value than concrete due to its longevity and minimal maintenance.



A wider range of stunning natural colours to choose from that won’t fade over time.



Clay doesn’t require sealing and can be easily cleaned to maintain its vibrant appearance.

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