Chelmer Valley clay

The Environmentally Friendly Choice

Few materials offer the sustainability of clay pavers. Using only clay, sand and water, Clay Pavers are manufactured in a closed loop system in which all the clay goes in to making the bricks, with zero discharge of water. The finished product is extremely hard-wearing, frost-resistant, stain-resistant, easy to clean with household detergent, and fade-proof. Clay Pavers are also particularly suitable for reuse, because the unbound method of installation makes them easy to reclaim, with little waste. They may also be crushed into aggregate for paths and growing substrates; because they contain no dyes or toxins and so they carry no danger of leachate contaminating the surrounding soil. However, it is their long-lasting good looks with their ability to weather beautifully, alongside their damage-resistance, that truly make them an environmentally friendly choice as, once laid, they become a much-admired hard landscaping feature that you won’t want, or need to replace.

Superior characteristics

Technical Properties

Chelmer Valley Clay Pavers consist of specific clays and sands fired at higher temperatures, providing excellent technical qualities, durability resisting frost, excellent transverse strength, abrasion resistance and resistance to chemicals typically associated with hard landscaping situations such as road salts etc. Clay paving does not polish under intensive use and retains its slip/skid resistance.

This long service life plays a significant role in defining the sustainability of clay paving. The natural resources used in the production of new clay paving products are conserved by ranging its original environmental impact over this extended period of time.

Technical Properties
Professionals' Perspective

We all have a responsibility to protect our beautiful natural world. At Chelmer Valley we take this responsibility seriously and consider the environmental impact of our products and operation at every stage. By engaging our entire team and continually evaluating our processes, we aim to improve our environmental performance year on year and make what is already a low impact paving solution, the most ecologically sound choice available.

Gavin Walley, Chelmer Valley Director
Gavin Walley

100% Raw Material = 100% Brick


Minimising Waste – Closed System Production Process

The paver production process, known as a closed loop system, takes waste raw clay and waste from thermal production (fired rejects) and uses that in part as raw material substitute, mixed with quarried clay for the production of new products. This ensures new paver production is 100% efficient where 100% raw material = 100% brick.

Ground water/recycling of rainwater used in the production cycle circulates in a closed circuit, so not a single litre of industrial wastewater is wasted. This is known as a zero-discharge process.

Our environmental pledge