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One of the best things about choosing Clay for Garden Brick Pavers is the sheer range of colours available. Beiges and buffs, reds and browns, greys and blues are all available to offer an extensive colour palette ensuring that your brick patio can always complement your property.

Reds & Browns
Timeless & Rich

Red & Brown

Red brick tones have been used for centuries in building, and the tradition continues with Red Brick Paving. Deeply textured and rich in colour, our red pavers give a timeless look to any driveway or patio. The natural red hue complements traditional red brick seen on many buildings offering both beauty and performance.

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Beiges & Buff
Warm & Comfortable

Beige & Buff

Add a warm feel to your garden with our range of beige & buff clay pavers. These elegantly coloured paving bricks will provide instant lift to any garden or landscape whether it be a beautiful patio or a garden path or as a contrasting edge detail for natural stone and porcelain paving patios.

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Beiges & Buff
Greys & Blues
Stylish & sophisticated

Grey & Blue

Grey pavers and blue paving bricks are cool, modern and sophisticated brick paving colours. Supplied by Chelmer Valley in a range of subtle colour tones that let you choose the look that you want for your patio and guaranteed to fit seamlessly into both contemporary and traditional garden settings

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The Designer's Choice

I would thoroughly recommend the clay pavers from London Stone, there is a huge variety of texture and colour available, which means that for both rustic and more modern design schemes there are clay pavers to suit both styles. I have used them on many projects and will continue to do so!

Amelia Bouquet, Owner of Amelia Bouquet Garden Design
Amelia Bouquet