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High Quality Service

Our organisation is dedicated wholly and specifically to the supply of fine quality clay products, with advice and service second to none. We hope you find our website informative and inspiring, so please take the time to browse through our pages. Chelmer Valley Brick Company Ltd offer the most extensive range possible of beautiful clay pavers, with options for all applications, big or small. Alternatives to our high quality materials may have long term drawbacks, such is the case with concrete paving for example.

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Clay Pavers Vs Concrete Pavers

Our durable high-quality ranges represent a worthwhile long term investment. We continue to expand our options with new products, new styles, and new colours, and have selections suitable for all circumstance and applications.
The photograph here is a good demonstration of this. The product on the left is 2 year old concrete red/black brindle paving, and to the right is 16-year-old clay paving. As you can see, concrete paving quickly fades, as the sunlight bleaches the colour from the concrete.

Weather and use will remove the fine sand from the body of concrete paving, leaving stone particles showing through. In a short time this type of paving will suffer significant deterioration and the final product will become dull as you see in the image. In contrast, the clay paving beside this continues to look attractive and will continue to do so for many more years.

A Hands On Environment

We have indoor display areas in our offices, where you can view the products and decide which is best for you. It is an excellent hands on environment, allowing you to explore options, including the possibilities of blending on site, by purchasing several types that you can mix together to achieve your own unique blend.

Our products are manufactured using only natural clays and sands. Modern factories capture rainwater to use in the production, and surplus heat from the kilns is used to dry the clay pavers before firing. Every ecological opportunity is taken to be efficient and clean. Clay is an inert material, no toxins or contaminates are used, so there are no risks of ground pollution, our pavers are environmentally friendly, and natural.

Please feel free to phone or email us to discuss your requirements, or to arrange to visit our showrooms to view our products and to consider the options available to meet your needs.

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Wide Range Of Paving

We have the most extensive range of traditional paving in a wide range of warm colours.

Long Lasting

All products are frost resistant. Our products are made from clay, clay paving will not fade like concrete.

High Customer Service

Our fast and friendly service can provide you with quotations by return for the supply of bricks and pavers, to suit your individual needs.

Classic And Stylish Finishes

Our Paving has a classic long lasting finish in materials used for centuries. We have the widest choice of antique finish pavers/paviors in the UK.

Multiple Uses

Our products are suitable for facing brick uses to match your paving. The Tudor 2” range is suitable for landscaping work, restoration projects and new build schemes.

Ecologically Friendly

Our products are suitable for facing brick uses to match your paving. The Tudor 2” range is suitable for landscaping work, restoration projects and new build schemes.

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Our search facility enables you to precisely locate the style you are looking for and to compare the options available.

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