Using Clay Pavers at home

By using clay paving in domestic situations, in garden planning, the pathways, driveways, for general landscaping work, and in patio areas, it will always add lasting warmth and depth to your home.

But it is really important to distinguish between clay bricks and clay pavers. The tests for pavers are very different to bricks, the application is very different. It requires skid resistance qualities and greater frost resistance for example. So it is therefore very important to find products that are fit for this purpose.

A tip….frost resistance in bricks would be stated as F2 quality. Frost resistance in pavers would be stated as FP100. Different tests, using different European standards for bricks and for pavers. And a brick would also not have a transverse load designation. Look for these clues when making a selection, this may be something that you will be grateful for later.

Clay pavers are an investment in your property, quality, durability, colour fast and traditional in nature. Paving that is designed to last many years.

By being made to qualities that meet paver specifications, these clay paving materials actually make superior quality bricks. If a clay unit can withstand paving area frosts, in the ground, then they are superior quality bricks, and so can be used as walling bricks. When used in conjunction with the same units used as pavers, you have a one product to do all situation, and colour / texture matching. Matching bricks and pavers all in one.

Chelmer Valley pavers can be used either by themselves or in conjunction with stone, gravels, or any other complimentary materials, and regardless of other materials you might use, by using our pavers as driveway paving, patio paving, pathway paving, landscape paving, walkways, steps, or just about anything paver related in your home and garden, you will be pleased that you have invested in our quality paving products.