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Chelmer Valley June Update

Thinking of visiting Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival this year? You couldn’t find a better reason than Charlie’s Courtyard, featuring one of Chelmer Valley’s newest clay pavers. Sneak a peek at the design and catch up on news of our driveway options and latest webinar. Gromo Antica shows the way for Charlie By the talented

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Take A Look At Our Alpha Clay Paver Collection

Get to know our stunning Alpha Clay Paver Collection a little better This impressive range is both a customer favourite and one of ours. Find out a little more about this range and take a look at these pavers in action. About the collection The comprehensive range includes 17 unique colours. With an array of

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Get To Know Our Range Of Artisan Clay Pavers

Take a deep dive into our Artisan Clay Pavers range Find out everything that there is to know about this stunning product range. From uses to technical information and details of each of the products, everything you need to know is right here. About the range Our range of Artisan Clay Pavers brings a completely

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Why You Should Use Clay Pavers For Driveways

Read about the benefits of Clay Pavers and why you should be using them for driveways. When it comes to choosing the right product for your driveway you want something that is stylish but will also stand the test of time. Clay bricks have been around for centuries and are the perfect choice for driveways.

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Chelmer Valley May Update

Remember in school art class, when the teacher wanted you to paint a portrait, and everyone ended up using the wrong shade of pink? All except that new kid, who didn’t say very much? If only the rest of us had Gromo Antica to help our artistic impulses. Gromo Antica is the new addition the

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The History Of Clay Paving In Britain

History Of Clay Paving The history of traditional hard burnt clay bricks being used as pavers has been around since the Tudors in the early 1500’s, although sun dried or baked bricks were used from as long ago as 4000BC in the area which is now known as Iraq. During the height of the industrial

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Our Spijk production partner and their green credentials

ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS Clay pavers are a natural, sustainable product, and Chelmer Valley clay pavers are produced with respect for the natural environment and surroundings .The Spijk production factory has an environmental policy which  is integrated into our business operations , and preserving the quality of the living environment has our constant consideration.  We continuously strive

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Paving Bricks

When is a paver not a paver? When it is a brick. That’s the starting point. It is so important to realise that a paver needs to be more robust than a regular walling brick, to be used in paving applications. Paving bricks thus have their own test, BSEN1344. Are all paving bricks the same?

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Dorest Antique Paving

The Traditional Material. Clay Paving

The forming of clay into bricks is a tradition going back into history for paving materials. We have Roman examples of clay brickwork in the UK, it is part of our tradition… However, clay is also in the same format used for making paving products. Naturally, it has to be the right clay, and produced

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Klinker Baksteen with Chelmer Valley

Klinker of Baksteen is a Flemish term used across northern Europe to describe the Dutch and Belgian style of on edge paving. With our ranges such as Old Belgian, Alpha, Nostalgie, Ardenne, Shires, and Commercial, we bring multiple choices in size and texture to this popular clay paving format. In Germany, the Klinker term also

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Bricks are once again in huge demand!

UK manufacturers produced 464 million facing bricks in the first three months of 2015, which is up 5% on the same period of 2014, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). This followed a 17% rise from 2013 to 2014. The UK concentrates on facing bricks, units for housing and other buildings, and so

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An Example of Why to Use Our Paving Services

Although many consumers are unaware of the fact, there is indeed a massive difference between concrete and clay paving. In fact, concrete paving will frequently promise benefits that cannot be delivered. Concrete is subject to erosion, fading and a great deal of wear and tear. So, what are some of the pronounced benefits of the

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Garden Paving Styles

With summer coming this is the time when we all think of those garden projects, so garden paving and especially the patio paving is a key feature to enjoying the garden. As the days get longer and we all hope warmer, having a paved patio area allows us to fully enjoy the garden. Patio pavers

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Using Clay Pavers at home

By using clay paving in domestic situations, in garden planning, the pathways, driveways, for general landscaping work, and in patio areas, it will always add lasting warmth and depth to your home. But it is really important to distinguish between clay bricks and clay pavers. The tests for pavers are very different to bricks, the

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