Paving Bricks

When is a paver not a paver?

When it is a brick. That’s the starting point. It is so important to realise that a paver needs to be more robust than a regular walling brick, to be used in paving applications. Paving bricks thus have their own test, BSEN1344.

Are all paving bricks the same?

Well no, and for a start having established that you need clay paving bricks, the old red rectangular blocks are certainly not the limit of the options you have. Chelmer Valley takes this to new and varied heights.

What is there available?

Chelmer Valley offers a rainbow of colour options and encourages this to be further explored by selection more that one type from any range, to combine on-site and create unique bespoke effects. This can produce slight tweaks of effect, right through to spectacular blend effects.

Are pavers all the same size and shape?

Certainly not. Chelmer Valley offer many different brick paving formats, and in a variety of finishes…handmade, tumbled, smooth, aged.

So can we use paving bricks in different bond patterns?

Absolutely. Check first to see what is possible to work out the product dimensions, but the longer thin styles do especially give more options. Try pairing them up with herringbone, set them out in pairs. Try stretcher bond , but not lining them up, stagger the joints. Experiment, create, and become individual.

Is that all there is?

No, we are always developing new sizes of brick paving, new colour blends, and textures. It remains a work in progress, and we push forward to offer exciting new developments constantly. Keep checking our website and twitter to see new schemes, new products and advances in clay technology, constantly bringing new clay paving bricks to the market.