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High-Quality Patio Paving

Chelmer Valley offers a wide choice of patio paving products, specialising in high-quality clay pavers. Our products are manufactured to a perfect standard, whether this is to create a sleek and modern finish, or a rustic and antique feel – like our Cottage Garden Collection. Our pavers use only sands and clay, with no toxic ingredients. Our patio paving is designed to last, keeping its vibrant colours and holding a resistance to general weathering for a lifetime.

patio paving
patio paving

Patio Paving Formations

Our patio paving products can be laid in a variety of formations, including basket weave, herringbone and linear. Each formation has its own benefits and can completely transform the landscape. Linear paving creates a modern and streamlined effect, allowing the ability to elongate the area. Basket weave is common when creating antique patios, popular with our Cottage Garden pavers. Herringbone adds depth and dimension to patios and can work well with a mix of pavers for added character.

A Helpful And Experienced Company

We understand that choosing the perfect patio paving is a difficult decision, with our extensive range of pavers there are many ranges and options to choose. We offer the ability to send our brochures and samples to our customers or you can visit our showroom to receive a completely hands-on experience. Our showroom has every paver we offer on show, where our helpful team can provide assistance and recommendations. We advise you to bring either images or external materials to ensure the colour palette matches accordingly.

patio paving

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