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The continual development of ever more styles and colours in garden and landscaping bricks places Chelmer Valley miles above any other paver supplier in the UK. Imaginations are set free with inspirational concepts and patterns that enrich outdoor spaces in ways not previously considered. Add to this the longevity, true value for money and unrivalled quality, the benefits of Chelmer Valley landscaper paving become hard to ignore.

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Evolving Landscaper Brick Paving

Landscaping bricks have evolved over time and the original ‘brick on edge’ method has become the landscaper paver of choice for garden designs and public spaces. This style once again dominates design and we offer many size options in this style, with ranges such as Alpha, Old Belgium and Nostalgie, alongside formats like old garden bricks, in styles like the Cottage Garden range.

A Hands On Environment

Our showrooms are ideal to experiment with our wide range of pavers, we encourage mixing landscaping bricks to discover the perfect match for your design scheme or existing materials. All of our pavers have a unique feel and style, suitable for all applications, both commercial and domestic. Our assistants are always on hand within our showroom to answer any questions and to office their specialist advice. 

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Our Landscaper Pavers:

Nostalgie Used Flat

The classic paving format with a tumbled finish, in a carefully selected colour range, that is equally practical in both modern and conservation situations.

Old Belgium Range

The unique Belgian paver size is extremely popular with garden designers and landscapers due to the distinctive size and format.

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