Garden Paving Styles

With summer coming this is the time when we all think of those garden projects, so garden paving and especially the patio paving is a key feature to enjoying the garden.

As the days get longer and we all hope warmer, having a paved patio area allows us to fully enjoy the garden. Patio pavers need to be durable and long-lasting, so Chelmer Valley clay pavers are ideal for garden paving areas.

What garden paving styles should be considered? 

There are many styles to consider, depending on the property age, and character of the garden. For example, the Cottage Garden range, as the name suggests, is ideal for the old brick paved garden look, and this range has many colour options. For example, Old English gives garden paving the old red brick look, antique paving style. The patio area can be linked to other areas of the garden by paved paths in these products so the landscaped effect blends together and gives full access across the garden in a pleasing way.

These products can also be used in walling, to link the colours and styles, as Tudor style bricks, so you have garden paving and landscape walling to match.

It’s also worth bringing up the quality and longevity benefits of Chelmer Valley clay pavers. When tackling a garden paving project, it’s a major task…time, expense, disruption. So by selecting a Chelmer Valley product, not only are you picking a brick paver that looks superior, you are getting a longer lasting garden paver, so you do not have to repeat the expense and disruption again in a few years time. That’s a big consideration.

The range on offer allows for all tastes, colours and styles, especially for the gentler harmonious and calming gardens. Red pavers are always popular, but sometimes garden paving in other colours can work very well. Black, for example, makes bedding and lawns look brighter and more colourful. Contrast colours, like browns and yellows are good when looking to steer away from the red brick paver look.

Take time to look through the Chelmer Valley Brick Company website and consider the options there on offer. If your garden is somewhere you will be spending your summer days, then having garden paving that gives you the garden you feel at home with is a must.