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Brief Introduction To Driveway Pavers

Using appropriate sub base and preparation, all of our pavers can be used on domestic driveways. You can view our extensive ranges of quality pavers which include driveway pavers in both the Gallery and Products sections from the menu tabs above. By use of natural materials, we have produced driveway pavers in a wide variety of colours and finishes to provide options suitable for all designs.

All products provide the durability needed and blend perfectly with any soft landscaping. Existing brickwork can be enhanced by using either complementing or contrasting driveway brick pavers in the designs of your paved areas.

The life expectancy of driveway brick pavers ensures the investment to be excellent value for money, and the superior quality gives the reassurance that the driveway pavers are manufactured to the highest specification standards.

Our paving products are the perfect solution for your driveway requirements.

Environmental Considerations For Driveway Pavers

Our driveway pavers are manufactured using two basic materials, clays and sands. Our factories are designed to avoid waste in the production process. Heat is recycled from kilns to dryers, and with no toxic ingredients, there are no contamination risks to soil or water.

Clay is inert, natural, not artificial or processed, so our driveway pavers will be an environmentally sound choice for your home.

More Information On Chelmer Valley Driveway Pavers

Chelmer Valley driveway pavers are individual, such is the nature of clay paving. This is an entirely natural manufacturing process producing unique, beautiful products with depth and warmth to transform your driveway.

We are happy to discuss your individual requirements. Please feel free to contact us by telephone, email, or by completing one of our enquiry forms, and we will be pleased to be of assistance.

Our driveway pavers can be used for a variety of applications, domestic and commercial, and our years of experience enable us to help and advise you to make the correct choices for you to achieve your desired paving.

Technical Standards For Driveway Pavers

There is a big difference between a paver and a brick, in terms of the conditions that the clay paver will endure. As well as the frost exposure, skid resistance and strength also need to be suited to the application, especially for a driveway paver.

When selecting a product to use, look for the testing results. If you see a result of F1 or F2 , this will indicate it has been tested as a brick, which is to BSEN 771-1, and NOT as a paver.

The standard for paving is BSEN 1344, and a frost pass would be FP100.

It is therefore very important when looking for driveway pavers UK to ask the question ‘are these pavers BSEN1344’ as there are products sold elsewhere that are only approved as facing bricks.

For domestic driveway pavers, the Transverse Load test must be a minimum of T2, and for heavy traffic commercial use, T4. This is the required standard, and it is a good idea to look for a skid resistance of U3, which is the highest grade.

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