Alpha Collection - Laid Flat

Alpha Collection - Laid Flat

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This unique collection from our wide selection of paving products is designed to enhance any domestic driveway, pedestrian area, garden, and landscaping scheme. Warm rich colours and textures in a slim design format give this range a distinctive class that is exceptionally long-lasting.

Sizes/Prices For Our Alpha Collection Pavers:

Size: 200/48/58mm

Price: Ranges from £47.54 – £69.16 + VAT m²

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Think of the possibilities with pavers from this collection. You can create and design your perfect garden in any style or size you want!

If you’re looking to make your home stand out from the rest, there are paving stones and bricks of all different colours available in stock.

The right texture can really change up a dull backyard into something that’s both beautiful and functional.

Pavers are a beautiful and affordable way to create the illusion of stone or brick without having to lay down any actual stones.

These pavers come pre-moulded in various colours, so you’ll have an easy time matching them up with your home decor!

Do you want your driveway to be the envy of all others? Then do not hesitate and install these lovely pavers.

They’re durable, so there’s no need for worry when it comes to them suffering any issues due to weathering!

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