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Chelmer Valley is the UK’s leading specialist supplier of clay brick pavers, offering a huge range of products for the residential and commercial markets. Our experience in brick pavers spans almost 30 years, and allows us to offer our customers the most comprehensive range of products to meet the most diverse of needs.

Clay brick pavers are different to standard bricks, the required technical standards are more rigorous and the production process reflects the necessary qualities. They are designed to stand the test of time, meaning that they represent an excellent investment in the beauty of your home, construction project or building restoration. We are proud to supply top-quality clay brick pavers to a wide range of clients, from individual domestic customers through to landscape designers, architects, contractors, garden designers and local authorities. Our product experience means that we can offer additional advice and expertise to all projects where brick pavers are required.


Why Choose Chelmer Valley Clay Pavers?

Block (concrete) paving rapidly loses its colour due to the natural bleaching effect of sunlight. Weather conditions and regular use also remove the integral fine sand from its body, leaving particles of stone showing through. This leads to rapid deterioration of a product that initially looked very attractive on installation. This damage can happen in as little as two years. In contrast, clay brick pavers retain their structural integrity and beautiful colour without fading.

Environmentally Friendly

All of our clay brick pavers are made using inert, natural sands and clays, all of which have no damaging impact on the environment in either the manufacturing process or their extraction. We are committed to following the most sustainable business practices, and recognise that this is a value that our customers also share.

Long-Lasting Brick Pavers

Clay brick pavers are naturally long-lasting and durable, thanks to their robust construction and quality construction. We offer only the finest quality brick pavers for all of our clients, delivering a finish that is incredibly beautiful to look at whilst being robust and able to withstand the harshest of elements.

Excellent Customer Service

Our experienced and helpful team are on hand whenever you need them. We offer a fast and friendly service, providing you with no obligation quotations to suit your exact needs, whether you are interested in the clean crisp looks (for example in Delta products), the old bricks style of the cottage garden range or any options in between. We also deliver throughout the UK.

A Wide Range Of Brick Pavers

You will love the wide range of colours, textures and styles on offer with our clay paver collections. Create your own unique look and finish that blends in seamlessly with your surroundings, displays your sense of style and perfectly complements your interior and exterior. We can show you plenty of case studies, examples and ideas to help inspire you and show how the different options look in situ. You'll find an exciting mix of classic style and progressive finishes too, depending on the look that you personally prefer. Again, we can show you imagery that brings each range to life and sparks off your creative ideas. Additional ideas can be explored through the viewing of our extensive displays in our showrooms.

Rich Colours

The clay material in our brick pavers means that the colours on offer are richer and longer-lasting, with a beautiful lustre and natural warmth. We are constantly evolving our product lines, resulting in regularly having fresh products to demonstrate. You will be amazed at the spectrum of colours and variety of textures on offer, each providing something very different for your project.


Most of our clay brick paving products can be used for facing brick uses. This extends the practicality element within our ranges, allowing additional applications for restoration projects, landscaping and new builds. Talk to us about your project and we will guide you to the products which will be best placed for your needs.

Expertise And Experience

Our service is professional and experience extensive, we are here to help. Let us know what your project entails and what you want to achieve with your clay brick pavers, and we will be delighted to share our advice, knowledge and recommendations with you. Individual applications may require very different products, to achieve both the aesthetics and structural integrity in each circumstance and our showrooms are full of inspirational ideas.

Quality Production

Our entire production process is engineered with quality and integrity in mind. We use only natural clays and sands in our clay paving products, using the most modern and efficient factory processes. Recycled rainwater is used in production for sustainability, and the drying process uses surplus heat from the firing kilns. At every stage, our production processes are engineered to be clean, sustainable and efficient. No contaminants or toxins are used, so our production process is natural and sustainable. The process is completely natural and environmentally friendly, using a material that has been valued for building purposes for hundreds of years.

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We would love to hear from you

We always love to welcome customers to our office indoor display areas in Essex. Come and see the products for yourself and get a sense of which is best for your needs. The displays are designed to be hands on, so you can also look at the possibility of blending on site to create your own unique mix. See our online gallery too for fantastic ideas and inspiration. You’ll be amazed at the diversity of finish that can be achieved with clay paving products.

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