Brick Pathways, Patio Pathways and Driveway Pathways


Our extensive ranges accommodate for all paving applications, so not only are they used on commercial landscaping projects, they are used extensively on domestic paving uses in private homes to enhance individual landscaping, on the drives, pathways and patios.

The impact is instant and long lasting, with add on value and quality that is immediately noticeable.

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Instant Long Lasting Paving Benefits For Driveway Pathways

The Chelmer Valley ranges combine aesthetic qualities with high durability, and so provide long lasting results. The diversity of the ranges we offer consistently inspire garden designers, architects and house builders to new ideas with the extensive variety of colour and form variations, and will provide you with individuality, style, and character, with designs classic, contemporary, antique or new, for all tastes. Our paving products combine charm ,balance, harmony and durability, and with the extensive options of colours and styles offered in our ranges, all tastes are catered for.

Brick Pathway Examples and Applications

Brick pathways and paving surfaces are documented as far back as the Roman times. A totally natural product, clay pavers have for generations provided environmentally friendly landscaping, and have been used on brick pathways, driveways and classic gardens across time. Today’s garden patios can reflect these traditions with the beautiful paving offered by Chelmer Valley. The use as driveway bricks give homes anywhere life and depth with the options of colours, styles and textures within our ranges.

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Patio Pathways and Harmonising Colours

 Paving at home should be complimentary, a component in the overall design. Patio pathways, walkways and driveways need to use materials that contribute to the overall effect, and by having a vast number of options of styles and colours, Chelmer Valley have products able to create the perfect paving solutions. The options are expanded further by customising your selections, by purchasing two or more types within any range to blend and create your own bespoke effect, perfect for your requirements.

Brick Patios, Driveway Pathways and Landscaped Gardens

We have many products within our ranges that you can select from, and we have images in our gallery to show you a whole variety of applications and effects, so please take time to look through our products, where you will find the perfect paving choice to suit your needs.

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