An Example of Why to Use Our Paving Services

Although many consumers are unaware of the fact, there is indeed a massive difference between concrete and clay paving. In fact, concrete paving will frequently promise benefits that cannot be delivered. Concrete is subject to erosion, fading and a great deal of wear and tear. So, what are some of the pronounced benefits of the clay paving methods that are offered at Chelmer Valley Brick Company? Let’s take a bit of a closer look.


By far, one of the major advantages that our proprietary clay brick paving products offer is that of longevity. While concrete surfaces will fade and exhibit signs of ageing in as little as two years, our paving bricks stand up to the test of time, for many many years. As our products will last many years, repaving will not be necessary. Obviously, this will save a great amount of time as well as money.

Protecting Your Investment

Whether referring to a driveway, a patio or a footpath, such works of art are as much of an investment as they are visually appealing. While concrete may be a suggested product to install, and slightly cheaper, the costs over time will far outweigh these perceived “benefits”. As with any home construction project, “cutting corners” is never an option. Why take this stance with your paving needs? Indeed, our products are some of the best ways to protect such a valuable investment.

An Unbeatable Variety

Another downfall in regards to concrete is that the variety of surfaces and materials is naturally quite limited. The end result could very well be a compromise design that appears commonplace and even detracts from the personality of your home. At Chelmer Valley Brick Company, we offer a second-to-none selection of bespoke colours, shapes, bricks and designs to choose from. This will result in a truly unique look that is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. As we boast a great deal of experience in the industry, we are likewise always adding new products to our repertoire. Whether you desire a contemporary appeal or a traditional allure, you will certainly not be disappointed with the styles that are offered. The same can hardly be said when referencing concrete paving techniques.

The Touch of an Artisan

Longevity breeds visible results. As all our employees are highly experienced, you can rest assured that you are receiving only the most knowledgeable and efficient of services through Chelmer Valley Brick Paving. While this is apparent from our previous work, we must also never forget that such expedience will also save you money during the design and installation process.

Are you interested in punctuating your home with a bespoke driveway, patio or walkway? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us for further details in regards to what we can offer you. Combining quality, longevity, visual appeal and durability, our clay paving products will provide your property with a timeless sense of charm and elegance.