Landscape Paving

Paving in domestic and public space areas as part of overall landscaping should complement the overall scheme in a harmonious fashion. It’s an opportunity to enhance an area, and by selecting a Chelmer Valley product you are choosing a product with characteristics that work with designs in this way.

Landscape paving

The paved areas should work together with planting and other materials, so it is important to select the right paver when landscape paving, and work to a colour scheme that blends naturally together. Consider how the scheme, the planting and seasons, will affect the balance over time.

What Should Be Considered When Starting A Landscape Paving Project

Where appropriate, allow for wheelchair or pram access, consider drainage, perhaps steps, and the qualities to relate to in any existing brickwork. In the end, the paver should be part of the environment it creates, not dominate it or overwhelm it. Clay paving is a feature of the design, and done right will enhance the landscaping dramatically.

Landscape brick paving uk

Chelmer Valley have products that can be incorporated into all designs of landscape paving areas. All our landscape paving are natural products, fired clays, designed for long life and to be ecologically friendly, and long lasting.

Our Landscape Paving

At Chelmer Valley we offer high quality landscape paving suitable for use within both commercial and domestic applications. The diversity of projects where our products have been successfully used range from major commercial and urban developments through to individual gardens and drives.

Landscape paving

All of our landscape paving has been specifically included in our portfolio on our example site pages to help give you a better picture and understanding for how the landscape paving will look in your project.

We have showroom facilities with all our ranges on show, and will be happy to assist you in making your selection for your landscape paving project.

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