Multiple Uses For Our Pavers

Our products have been designed in such a way that they can be used in many ways, on edge , flat, as a brick, mortared, wet and dry laying.

Some examples here will help demonstrate a few of the options available.

1. Mixing products. Keeping within ranges, you can order packs of various types and blend them together. For example, as the picture here, Cotswold Blend mixed with Crawley Red Brindle.

Mixing Landscaping and Clay Pavers

2. Styles of bond. Some examples using Old English, here we can see used in stretcher bond dry lay method, on edge in a herringbone pattern, and wet lay in a basket weave. Also, we show as used in a wall, as a Tudor size brick, and this can also be a way of using as pavers, mortar jointed paving.

Old English as brick

Old English as brick

Old English with mortar joint basket weave pattern

Old English with mortar joint basket weave pattern

Landscape pavers Old English on edge

Old English on edge

Old English Stretcher Bond Dry Lay

Old English stretcher bond dry lay

3. Alpha range. Taking this range to explore more options, some of which we show here. This paver range can be used on edge, flat (still in thin style due to the module size), in the wirecut texture, sanded texture and smooth texture, according to the way they are installed. These are also then be used in herringbone, stretcher bond and basket weave.

Abbey Dark flat wirecut texture showing

Abbey Dark flat wirecut texture showing

Abbey Dark smooth texture showing

Abbey Dark smooth texture showing

Abbey Dark Multi

Abbey Dark sand face showing

Mixing Paving Landscaping textures

Onxy Black mixing textures

Taking Abbey Dark Multi from this range, we show here example photographs here of this, sanded face showing in used in 45 degree herringbone, smooth face showing in stretcher bond, and with wirecut texture showing in 90 degree herringbone. The smooth and sanded textures can be also used basket weave without joints, wet or dry lay, and as a wirecut texture basket weave with a mortar joint. There is also stretcher bond or herringbone options mortar jointed options, or use as a walling bricks. And even mixing the sand and smooth textures in all these bonds is possible, we show here just one possibility of this with Onxy Black using the basket weave pattern.

We would be happy to help and advise the options available to you, and in the showroom demonstrate options, so as to help you make the selection of paver, bond and style that best meets the needs of your paving design.

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