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Klinker Baksteen with Chelmer Valley - Thursday, April 27, 2017

Klinker of Baksteen is a Flemish term used across northern Europe to describe the Dutch and Belgian style of on edge paving. With our ranges such as Old Belgian, Alpha, Nostalgie, Ardenne, Shires, and Commercial, we bring multiple choices in size and texture to this popular clay paving format.

In Germany the Klinker term also includes precise paving in both edge and flat formats, as seen in our Delta and Artisan ranges.

Baksteen has the literal translation to brick, and is often a term used to denote a brick and paver making factory.

The Klinker Baksteen

The Klinker Baksteen style, or Flemish style, is now the most popular one for architects and designers to specify, and we offer a vast range of options of colours, sizes, and textures in this theme, from blacks to light greys, yellows and buffs, all shades of brown, through to multiple red and red multi options. The formats allow for design in all applications, with ranges having different characteristics. We are happy to guide you to the best solutions for you.

The Chelmer Valley Flexibility

Some of our production units can offer additional colours or alternative sizes. The Alpha range, for example,  can be made to 65mm thickness on larger schemes (made to order) for heavy traffic, they can be supplied untumbled as a special order, and there are other colours that can be made.

Focus and Strength

Our strength of experience, the diverse ranges of colours and styles, a single focus…clay pavers… and dedication to offering the best options, in a friendly experienced and professional way through a family company allow us to give our clients the clay paving solutions they need.

We continue to add new products to our ranges, and to push the design possibilities in new ways and are at the forefront of clay paving throughout the UK. Our showrooms offer sheltered comfort and show all our products, with our team on hand to offer help and advice where needed.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your concepts and needs, and we will be pleased to help.

Bricks are once again in huge demand! - Wednesday, July 29, 2015

UK manufacturers produced 464 million facing bricks in the first three months of 2015, which is up 5% on the same period of 2014, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). This followed a 17% rise from 2013 to 2014. The UK concentrates on facing bricks, units for housing and other buildings, and so has cut back on the little production time it otherwise allocates to clay pavers, which makes Chelmer Valley’s contribution to meeting this demand valuable in sustaining the increasing demand for these products, and with their expertise and vast ranges, they play an important role in the UK building program.

Press Release

What the chief executive says

"We live on an island that's quite damp," says Simon Hay, chief executive of the Brick Development Association "It also has extremes of temperature. Bricks can withstand it all. That's why you see so many brick Victorian and Edwardian buildings, which have hardly needed any maintenance since they were built - maybe a bit of re-pointing at most."

‘’Bricks and mortar are synonymous with housing. This persists even though other materials such as glass, steel and concrete among them, are available. ‘’

Wood cladding is a feature of many modern buildings but, Hay says, this can wear more rapidly, sometimes becoming unsightly if not maintained.

"At the creative end, for architects, bricks are an incredibly open-ended material, allowing all sorts of interesting designs", Hay says. Brick buildings, for years overlooked in architectural competitions, have started to figure more prominently. "Of course, most bricks go into housing," says Hay, "but they're also becoming more sought-after for top-end design. They're fashionable."

Murcia Nostalgie

uk stock

Probably the most significant changes to the clay paver market has been the move to the European style slim look /on edge paver, as UK tastes have moved away from the flat rectangular format popularised from the 1960’s with concrete paving, as more and more designers and customers look for a more interesting format that distances themselves from the concrete product. In this, Chelmer Valley are providing the choices the industry needs for the UK market, and continue to launch new products to increase choice options in all areas of the market, commercial, residential, and domestic.

Even with production focussing on bricks not pavers, UK brick stocks more than halved from 702 million bricks in 2010 to 349 million last year, according to the ONS. Shortages caused architects to report delays to projects, some taking as long as five years to get completed. The knock on effect into paving was inevitable, but Chelmer Valley continue to plan ahead, and have allocated at the factories they use production time to keep pace with changes.

An Example of Why to Use Our Paving Services - Friday, August 08, 2014

Although many consumers are unaware of the fact, there is indeed a massive difference between concrete and clay paving. In fact, concrete paving will frequently promise benefits that cannot be delivered. Concrete is subject to erosion, fading and a great deal of wear and tear. So, what are some of the pronounced benefits of the clay paving methods that are offered at Chelmer Valley Brick Company? Let's take a bit of a closer look.


By far, one of the major advantages that our proprietary clay brick paving products offer is that of longevity. While concrete surfaces will fade and exhibit signs of ageing in as little as two years, our paving bricks stand up to the test of time, for many many years. As our products will last many years, repaving will not be necessary. Obviously, this will save a great amount of time as well as money.

Protecting Your Investment

Whether referring to a driveway, a patio or a footpath, such works of art are as much of an investment as they are visually appealing. While concrete may be a suggested product to install, and slightly cheaper, the costs over time will far outweigh these perceived "benefits". As with any home construction project, "cutting corners" is never an option. Why take this stance with your paving needs? Indeed, our products are some of the best ways to protect such a valuable investment.

An Unbeatable Variety

Another downfall in regards to concrete is that the variety of surfaces and materials is naturally quite limited. The end result could very well be a compromise design that appears commonplace and even detracts from the personality of your home. At Chelmer Valley Brick Company, we offer a second-to-none selection of bespoke colours, shapes, bricks and designs to choose from. This will result in a truly unique look that is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. As we boast a great deal of experience in the industry, we are likewise always adding new products to our repertoire. Whether you desire a contemporary appeal or a traditional allure, you will certainly not be disappointed with the styles that are offered. The same can hardly be said when referencing concrete paving techniques.

The Touch of an Artisan

Longevity breeds visible results. As all our employees are highly experienced, you can rest assured that you are receiving only the most knowledgeable and efficient of services through Chelmer Valley Brick Paving. While this is apparent from our previous work, we must also never forget that such expedience will also save you money during the design and installation process.

Are you interested in punctuating your home with a bespoke driveway, patio or walkway? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us for further details in regards to what we can offer you. Combining quality, longevity, visual appeal and durability, our clay paving products will provide your property with a timeless sense of charm and elegance.

Garden Paving Styles - Tuesday, May 13, 2014

With summer coming this is the time when we all think of those garden projects, so garden paving and especially the patio paving is a key feature to enjoying the garden.

As the days get longer and we all hope warmer, having a paved patio area allows us to fully enjoy the garden. Patio pavers need to be durable and long lasting, so Chelmer Valley clay pavers are ideal for garden paving areas.

What garden paving styles should be considered? 

There are many styles to consider, depending on the property age, and character of the garden. For example the Cottage Garden range, as the name suggests, is ideal for the old brick paved garden look, and this range has many colour options. For example, Old English gives garden paving the old red brick look, antique paving style. The patio area can be linked to other areas of the garden by paved paths in these products so the landscaped effect blends together and gives full access across the garden in a pleasing way.

These products can also be used in walling, to link the colours and styles, as Tudor style bricks, so you have garden paving and landscape walling to match.

It’s also worth bringing up the quality and longevity benefits of Chelmer Valley clay pavers. When tackling a garden paving project, it’s a major task…time, expense, disruption. So by selecting a Chelmer Valley product, not only are you picking a brick paver that looks superior, you are getting a longer lasting garden paver, so you do not have to repeat the expense and disruption again in a few years time. That’s a big consideration.

The range on offer allows for all tastes, colours and styles, especially for the gentler harmonious and calming gardens. Red pavers are always popular, but sometimes garden paving in other colours can work very well. Black, for example, makes bedding and lawns look brighter and more colourful. Contrast colours, like browns and yellows are good when looking to steer away from the red brick paver look.

Take time to look through the Chelmer Valley Brick Company website and consider the options there on offer. If your garden is somewhere you will be spending your summer days, then having garden paving that gives you the garden you feel at home with is a must.

Using Clay Pavers at home - Monday, April 14, 2014

By using clay paving in domestic situations, in garden planning, the pathways, driveways, for general landscaping work, and in patio areas, it will always add lasting warmth and depth to your home.


But it is really important to distinguish between clay bricks and clay pavers. The tests for pavers are very different to bricks, the application is very different. It requires skid resistance qualities and greater frost resistance for example. So it is therefore very important to find products that are fit for this purpose.


A tip….frost resistance in bricks would be stated as F2 quality. Frost resistance in pavers would be stated as FP100. Different tests, using different European standards for bricks and for pavers. And a brick would also not have a transverse load designation. Look for these clues when making a selection, this may be something that you will be grateful for later.


Clay pavers are an investment in your property, quality, durability, colour fast and traditional in nature. Paving that is designed to last many years.


By being made to qualities that meet paver specifications, these clay paving materials actually make superior quality bricks. If a clay unit can withstand paving area frosts, in the ground, then they are superior quality bricks, and so can be used as walling bricks. When used in conjunction with the same units used as pavers, you have a one product to do all situation, and colour / texture matching. Matching bricks and pavers all in one.


Chelmer Valley pavers can be used either by themselves or in conjunction with stone, gravels, or any other complimentary materials, and regardless of other materials you might use, by using our pavers as driveway paving, patio paving, pathway paving, landscape paving, walkways, steps, or just about anything paver related in your home and garden, you will be pleased that you have invested in our quality paving products.

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